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Will Sahar be better than Assulin?

Israel has two main young talents: Gai Assulin and Ben Sahar.

In the Israel soccer circles, there has been more excitement about Assulin. He can run better and faster with the ball, creating exciting moments. But is Sahar going to be the better player?

At this point, I would venture to say that yes, he will be. While Assulin is faster, Sahar is stronger and smarter on the pitch.

Sahar is only a year and a half older than Assulin, but is already established as one of the two best players, along with Yossi Benayoun, on the Israel National Team. When the EURO’12 qualifiers begin next September, Sahar, still only 20 years old, will be the best player in Israel.

Assulin is 18.5 years old, and at this age, Sahar was already a regular on the National Team and scored a pair of goals against Estonia. Meanwhile, Assulin is still struggling to make himself into a premier player on the U-21 team.

Sahar is a striker and Assulin is a midfielder, so naturally he should score more, but one would expect that Assulin would have scored at least one goal for the U-21 team. He creates exciting opportunities, but doesn’t do enough with them, eventually running into one of the opposition’s defenders who is capable of stopping him.

Assulin needs to learn that he can’t play against world-class talent the same way he played against lower opposition all his life. He won’t be able to run around everyone and score. He needs to see the field better and use his teammates more.

Assulin has more potential than Sahar, but he will need to make significant improvements prior to the beginning of EURO qualifiers and to make the National Team at least as a substitute before he can be seen as potentially superior to Sahar.

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  1. martin Sprint
    May 27, 2010 at 7:37 am

    im argentinean and same happend with Messi. his first match with the senior squad he tried to dribble what everything you put infront of him and looses more than he win. But the intelligence was to let him to have some minutes slowly. Messi was brought to WC 2006 and in the match against germany, where we got out due penalties, he didnt see a minute, he was 18 years, same age as assulin. Of course assulin is not messi and i think he does not have the potential to be a new messi, but i believe he has enough to be one of the best top 15 players of the next 5 years, and play in a top club. It will depend on him and how they coaches and manegers, will bring him up in football life

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