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Klemi Saban and Nir Davidovic

Klemi Saban has officially transferred to Maccabi Tel-Aviv. We reported earlier that Saban was linked to Maccabi Tel-Aviv. Saban is a right back that has played at Maccabi Netanya for the last three years and is a regular with Israel’s National Team. He will be filling in for the departing Yuval Spungin and will be playing at his normal right back position. I have been fairly critical of Saban in his play for the National Team, but he is a good player for Ligat Ha’al. Saban is thirty years old which he makes a fairly old player, but he will have good experience that should help Maccabi. Saban’s transfer fee was 150,000 USD and he will have a four year contract with the club.

Nir Davidovic has decided to retire from the National Team. Davidovic has always been a center of controversy with his on and off feud with the team’s first keeper Dudu Aouate. Davidovic who is 33 years old has been with the National Team for a long time and has fifty appearances for the team. However, he has said that he has withdrawn due to a rib injury sustained during the season and that he needs rest. I’d like to thank Nir for his service to the National Team. He has been an excellent player.

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