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Israel Loses 3-0 To Chile

Israel learned a lesson or two about football from its past two friendlies in South America after losing by a combined scoreline of 7-1 to World Cup bound Chile and Uruguay. Israel had a double headache of conceding many goals and scoring few. However, many important players are injured(including some in the squad), and I believe that Fernandez used the games as a trial to find the right players for the job. In a change from the previous game, Fernandez lined up three players in the midfield instead of two, in an attempt to stifle Chile’s offensive minded game. It didn’t really help in the end, but I thought the team played better. The game started off with a thick fog that only cleared up at the 30 minute mark. By then Chile had already scored with a neat move when Jorge Valdivia put Fausto Carmona through who passed to Humberto Suazo for an easy tap in. 1-0 Chile. Israel showed many positive moments during the first half, and Gili Vermouth had a very good first half for Israel. Israel’s best chance came when Itay Shechter went past his man in the box and squared to Elyaniv Barda who whiffed on his shot. Halftime ended with the same score. Ali Ottman came on for Avi Strool at the beginning of the second half. In the fiftieth minute, Israel gave the ball away in it’s own half and Alexis Sanchez took the ball and weaved his way through several defenders before blasting an unstoppable shot from the edge of the box. 2-0 Chile. Israel held out for much of the second half, with a makeshift central pairing of Shai Maimon and Avihai Yadin. However in stoppage time Rodrigo Tello hit a great volley 30 meters from goal to make it 3-0 Chile. Israel had several chances to score from set pieces but failed to do so. Overall, I would rate their performance better than the one they had against Uruguay.

The Bad

Israel’s defenders still looked scared, and they were constantly getting beaten for pace and skill. The three man midfield was only marginally effective in stopping Chile. The trio of Nir Biton, Avihai Yadin, and Bibras Natcho couldn’t deal with the pace and passing of Chile’s midfield. We allowed three goals, that’s not acceptable, it doesn’t matter what level of football you are at. We didn’t score at all, and the only time we really threatened was from set pieces.We need a long term solution for our fullbacks. We got destroyed down the flanks, and none of the four fullbacks on the team really showed that they deserved a place in the starting eleven.

The Good

The attacking trio of Elyaniv Barda, Itay Shechter, and Gili Vermouth looked good and showed potential. Gili Vermouth had a really good game for the team, and showed what he is capable of. Israel allowed less goals than the last game, which is an improvement over four. Two of the goals given away were good individual efforts so, it could have been better. We were missing some of our best players. Luis Fernandez learned more about the quality of the players that we have. I expect a better showing in August against the Ivory Coast. Dudu Aouate had another good game for the team. We looked more organized, which I assume is Fernandez’s influence.

In Review

Overall I thought this game was an improvement and hopefully Fernandez will have us ready for our first qualifier against Malta. We will have several players to add to the mix. I believe that we can qualify out of our group for the Euro’s, but our team will have to play at the top of their game to do so.

Player Ratings On A Scale Of 0-10, 10 being the best.

Dudu Aouate made some really nice saves again, kept the score from being even worse. (8)

Gili Vermouth had a really good game, I thought he was really positive, but some of his final balls weren’t the best. (6)

Itay Shechter, did really well up front by himself, taking players on and almost created a goal. (5)

Elyaniv Barda, I thought he also had a good game, drew several fouls, had the best chance to score. (5)

Avi Strool only played one half, but I thought he had a decent game. (4)

Shlomi Arbeitman held the ball up nicely, drew some fouls, and closed down the defenders well. (4)

Avihai Yadin, subbed in as a center back, and prevented a goal. (4)

Bibras Natcho mades some nice passes, put in some good deliveries on set pieces, but was effectively neutralized by Chile’s superior midfield. (4)

Shai Maimon had a better game than the first time around, but still could do better.(3)

Lior Rafaelov was a lone man out there but wasn’t quite as effective as last game. (3)

Roberto Colautti stole the ball, but made a bad pass, whiffed on an opportunity to score. (3)

Nir Biton wasn’t good defensively but didn’t make any great passes either, was a non-factor. (1)

Omer Golan was pretty much invisible while he was out there. (1)

Klemi Saban got beaten by Beausejour every time. (1)

Eliran Danin was played out of position, and didn’t show much purchase going forward. (1)

Yoav Ziv didn’t really do much, was again a highway for a goal. (0)

Ali Ottman gave away the ball that led to Alexis Sanchez scoring a goal, not the way you want to start. (0)

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