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Apoel Nicosia Advances To Champions League Quarterfinals On Penalties

I don’t usually write about non Israeli football events, however I felt compelled to after watching today’s match between Apoel Nicosia and Olympique Lyonnais. On paper Lyon were the better side coming in to the game but it was obvious that the Cypriot side wanted to win the game more, and they wound up doing so. In spite of really wasteful finishing from their striker Ailton, they managed to achieve a great result, when their keeper came up big in penalties. I hope this will motivate Israeli clubs to do better, and show them team’s from small leagues can do well in big European competitions. Although to be fair the Cypriot side had only one Cypriot in their starting XI(the Israeli League only allows five foreign players per team) but still a great story and a good example of what a team with a small budget can do. I hope Nicosia makes it to the final :).

In other Champions League news, Lionel Messi set a new Champions League record by scoring five goals in one game against Bayer Leverkusen today.  Messi just keeps on breaking records, now Cristiano Ronaldo will have to score five against CSKA Moscow next week. Both are amazing players, we should all feel privileged that we have the opportunity to watch two great talents in their prime, I think they are arguably the best players since Cruyff and Maradona. Put your two cents in.

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