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Top 10 Young Israeli Players (Under-22)

The Israeli player has gone mainstream in Europe with over twenty Israeli players now playing professionally in Europe. You would think that this would help the National Team, however the National Team has stagnated, but there is a good group of young players making a name for themselves that could do well in the future.

10. Omri Altman (Attacking Midfielder)

The young talent passed on many bigger clubs in England to join Fulham FC’s youth academy, and earned his first professional contract this January with Fulham. Although he hasn’t made any appearances yet for Fulham’s senior team, he has made several appearances for Israel’s U-19 National Team, and helped them into the Elite Round of the Uefa U-19 tournament. Altman has been tipped for great things at the English club.

9. Orr Barouch (Striker)

Barouch was unknown in Israel until he started playing professionally in the USA for the Chicago Fire. So far Barouch has played two games for Israel’s U-21 and has played very well. Barouch has good height, speed, and ball control, and seems to be a very good prospect for Israel. However he will need to get more minute with his current team if he wants to develop and eventually move to a bigger club.

8. Omri Ben Harush (Left-Back)

Israel has not had a quality fullback in over ten years playing for the National Team, but that could change with Omri Ben-Harush. Ben-Harush has good speed and height for a full-back and is comfortable with the ball at his feet, he has already played twice for the National team, and has put in reasonably good performances but still needs to improve his decision making.

7. Eyal Golasa (Attacking Midfielder)

Golasa was last put on a list over two years ago mentioning him as a top 10 player in the under 22 age group, however Golasa has stagnated as a player with Haifa since then. Although he has given some outstanding performances for his club and the U-21 National Team, he has also had many disappointing games. He needs to be more consistent, and has also been troubled by injuries as well. Golasa is a good dribbler of the ball and strong in possession, but often takes too many touches, and as often he gets forward, he doesn’t score very many goals. Golasa really needs to improve his decision making in order to become a better player.

6. Ben Sahar (Left Winger/Striker)

Once the golden boy of Israeli football, Ben Sahar now plays for French strugglers Auxerre on loan from Espanyol. Sahar has only scored three league goals this season. However he has been deployed is a left winger for most of the season which has probably reduced the amount of goals he could score. In his appearance against the Ukraine recently for the National, Sahar scored a goal. I think Ben has improved as a player over the current season, but it is doubtful he will stay at Auxerre, and unlikely he will get any playing time at Espanyol.  I think a move to the Netherlands would be best for him.

5. Taleb Tawatha( Left-Back)

One of the youngest players on this list, Tawatha has been playing profession football since he was 17 for Maccabi Haifa, now already a journeyman at aged 19, Tawatha has several caps for the National Team and has generated interested from abroad. Tawatha has good speed, dribbling ability, and football IQ. However he does need to get stronger, as he does get out-muscled often in 50-50 situations. It is very possible Tawatha may being playing abroad next year.

4. Mounes Dabbour (Attacking Midfielder)

Another young player is worth mentioning is Mounes Dabbour, he recently had a goal and an assist in a victory over Ukraine’s U-21 side. He has also scored four goals this season in twenty appearances for Maccabi Tel Aviv and is a regular starter. However he does have a tendency to miss easy shots on goal, but he does have a lot of upside with good ball control, passing, movement and shooting, and decent pace.

3. Alon Turgeman(Striker)

A product of the Beitar Nes Tubruk academy, Turgeman is has alot of potential to do better things, but so far has only produced a limited amount of goals this season. However his blessed with excellent pace and good fit skills, and is a good finisher on goal, perhaps with a new manager next season he will thrive more.

2. Gai Assulin(Attacking Midfielder)

The Barcelona graduate, Assulin has had the weight of expectations on him for a while, but has failed to produce mainly due to a series of injuries. Now, Assulin is on loan at Brighton in the English Championship and hopes he will be able to show his skills. I think he is the most talented player of his generation in Israel, but he needs to find a club where he can get playing time, and he must get healthy.

1. Nir Biton(Midfielder)

Biton is an unusual combination of height, good speed, and excellent technique which has put him on the radar of the biggest clubs in Europe. Biton is a cool customer with the with ball, and has good shot on him as well. He already went on trial at Manchester City and impressed but will probably move to a club this summer in Europe where he can get playing time.



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