News and Rumors

  • Hannover has officially sent a representative to Israel to make an offer for a 3 year deal to Maccabi Haifa left-back Taleb Tawatha.  If Tawatha accepts then the two teams will have to negotiate a transfer fee.
  • Chelsea is demanding an answer from Arsenal regarding a possible transfer move for Yossi Benayoun. West Ham and Ajax have reportedy shown interest in the player. I think Ajax would be a good move for Yossi, especially since they will be in the Champions League and he was a former youth player there.
  • Maccabi Netanya are reportedly demanding one million dollars for Maccabi Haifa target Chen Ezra. Ezra scored 12 goals this season for Maccabi Netanya.
  • Danish media is confirming Oz Rali will be the first signing of the summer for Danish club OB Odense. Odense has not yet confirmed the signing.
  • Ben Sahar, and Eden Ben Basat both experienced Jew hatred while they were in France according to an article in Haaretz below. Both players had unpleasant experiences and will both seek to leave the country in the summer. Sahar will go back to Espanyol, and Ben Basat will seek a new team.

  1. Marc
    May 22, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Benayoun to either Ajax or West Ham will be a good situation. West Ham is promoted and he will be among their top players so it would be a great place to stay on top form, Ajax on the other hand is the all around better club but I am not sure he will be a starter there.

    Chen Ezra making the step up to Maccabi Haifa would be a great move for both teams, he is a young, exciting goal scorer and it seems as though Haifa is missing someone like that right now. Golasa and Vered are both playmakers but not finishers.

    Ben Sahar should not go back to Espanyol, he wont play there. He needs to lower his expectations and choose wisely on a club. Perhaps a good Dutch club or German club would fit his style and skills.

    • snowbozo21
      May 22, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      I think Yossi could be a starter at Ajax, he would force his way into the lineup eventually like he did at Liverpool and Arsenal, his form for the National Team has been poor recently, but he seems to get better with age for his club teams.

      Ezra is a good player, although he scored 12 goals but had no assists during the last season, so he’ll need to improve his ball distribution skills if he is to become a more well rounded player.

      I agree the Eredivisie would be good for Sahar, but Israeli players seem to make poor choices when it comes to moving abroad, I don’t know if this due to poor agents, or inflated egos. I hope Sahar finds a club where he will play regularly and be successful.

  2. Marc
    May 22, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Just saw on Man City’s website that Gai Assulin has been released! He must have requested to leave unless given first team time and they granted, no other reason why they would give up on someone who was a bright spot when healthy in their EDS system. He has an interesting choice to make now where to go next!!

    • snowbozo21
      May 22, 2012 at 8:07 pm

      Yea I’m glad, they let him go, he was never going to break into that squad, he should go back to Spain, or maybe the Netherlands. The English league is a poor fit for his playing style. He basically wasted his time there.

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