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Israel Loses To The Czech Republic 2-1

A late goal from the Czech Republic gave the hosts a win in the 93rd minute. However the game was a close affair up until around the 70 minute mark when mass substitutions were made in the game.  After that the hosts pressured Israel and wound getting a goal late on. I thought Israel deserved a draw, but ultimately they made too many mistakes and had to pay with a loss. I thought Israel defended better than their previous game against the Ukraine, however they still could have done better when they let in a deflected goal at the end.  Israel gave away another cheap penalty when Milan Baros got in behind Israel’s defense and was played onside by Yuval Spungin. Baros ran into Israel’s keeper Ariel Harush and drew the penalty and subsequently converted it. Israel’s goal came after some nice work by Maor Melikson, who found Itay Shechter in the box who headed from about 11 yards out. It was a really good finish and Israel deserved the tie going into half time. The second half was more lethargic until both countries started making substitutions. All game the Czechs were able to make inroads on Israel’s flanks and get in behind Israel’s defense. I also thought the Israeli players could have put more effort in, they seemed to be walking during parts of the game.  I also think our players take too many touches and don’t move the ball around quickly enough.

Player Ratings

Ariel Harush – 5 , made some really good saves, but could have done more not to have given away a penalty, it amazes me how stupid goalkeepers can be sometimes.

Shmuel Scheimann – 2 had some nice touches and seemed comfortable on the ball, but he was constantly backing off and allowing the Czech attackers too much room, he was also getting beat for pace and allowing the attackers to get in behind him. It’s possible Rami Gershon could start in his place.

Yuval Spungin – 3 he was again responsible for a goal when he left Milan Baros onside and Baros subsequently drew a penalty. He also got worked in the second half, although not as badly as Scheimann, I hope Elad Gabai starts against Germany.

Rami Gershon – 4 made some nice blocks during  the time he came on, could have blocked the shot that the Czechs scored with. Maybe he will start at left back next game for Israel?

Eitan Tibi – 6 I thought he had a good game, seemed like he was everywhere making blocks. He has good speed and positioning and wasn’t beaten for pace. I think Guttman may have found a partner for Tal Ben Haim.

Tal Ben-Haim – 6 he had a good game, and was subbed off for Rami Gershon, he may not be very good at club level, but he has done well for the National Team.

Eran Zahavi – 4 was pushed around physically, had some nice touches, but could have passed the ball more quickly, wasn’t as fast as his Czech counterparts in the midfield.  I’d like to see Nir Biton play for him in the next game as Israel needs a more physical presence in the midfield.

Bibras Natcho – 4 spent a lot of his time defending so he didn’t really get a chance to show much of his passing range, but really didn’t make any mistakes, Israel needs faster players in the central midfield.

Avihai Yadin – 3 Didn’t really do much in the game, can’t seem him getting a lot of starting time in the future, as he is as just as slow as any other player and doesn’t offer much going forward or defensively.

Yossi Benayoun – 4 had some nice touches, missed a couple passes early on, did a good job defending, pretty mediocre game.

Maor Melikson – 5 look dangerous during the first half, was pretty consistent, made a nice assist for Israel’s goal.

Lior Rafaelov – 3 didn’t do much in the game, looked out of it, not sure why he didn’t play better. Perhaps he’ll do better if he starts.

Gil Vermouth – 4  I thought he had some nice touches, Israel didn’t really get forward very often late in the game when he came on. He’ll probably play more against Germany.

Itay Shechter – 6 He had a nice headed goal, looked alert, got fouled a couple of times, overall had a decent game. I guess he certainly isn’t finished after his poor season at Kaiserslautern.

Omer Damari – 5 didn’t really have alot of touches, but he looked good, certainly showed good speed, caused the Czech defenders some problems.

Ben Sahar – 2 was invisible from the time he came on, had a shot on goal, I would have preferred if Eliran Atar had been called up and gotten a chance.

Tomer Hemed -3 wasn’t able to make any effect on the game, although he may get a chance to play next game.

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    nice match report, this

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